Macha Brizay


“From my earliest childhood, my dream was to sew”



My name is Macha, born in Provence from an Italian mother and a father from Charente. After a long career in the world, I decided to settle in Vendée.

From my earliest childhood, my dream was to become a seamstress.
I pursued my dream by studying cutting and sewing techniques in Avignon and those of the clothing industry in Nîmes where I successively obtained a BEP, BT and BTS.

My professional career started in knitwear in Vaison-La-Romaine and Cacharel in Nîmes, alternating between Italy and Portugal.
I wanted to work in lingerie because there was no training in this branch and the design of this kind of product is very complicated and very technical to manufacture.
So I made my experience at Playtex, Gossard, Berlei, ShockAbsorber in quality and production in Tunisia.

After 9 years in Tunisia, I decided to work on product development: I followed the movement of companies and brands towards Asia; Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong and finally the United States …

In 2010, I joined a group that had as client Victoria’s Secret and others who allowed me to work on the team in Hong Kong and New York as a Technical Director.

En tant que directrice Recherche & Développement, j’ai pu travailler avec plus de 50 marques de lingerie mondial, telles que Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Calvin Klein, Dim, Etam, Lou, Variance, Tezenis, C&A, Amoena, Oysho, M&S, etc…

Developing for as many different clients, with very specific requests allowed me to observe and study the morphology of the human body, whether by country, region, ethnicity or age: we are all different and all asymmetrical, everywhere in the world.

After 24 years in this industry, I could only see that the perfect bra would be impossible to implement if we stayed on our classic and symmetrical structures used for more than 100 years.

So I went from an archetype for women perfectly symmetrical to a concept made of two hats gloved that adapt to our changing body and who know how to be forgotten.

A consecration for a job and a determination to want to change the use of the bra.

A necessary revolution.

Lepine 2019 Contest

Gold Medal at the 2019 Lepine Competition

BraXiere received the Gold Medal at the Lépine 2019 Competition. The 118th International Contest of Inventors in Paris

Variety of bras

The common problem

Today, major brands are developing centered, symmetrical and structured bras. However, we are not symmetrical or in volume, nor in shape, nor by the implantation of our breasts on our torso: each of us is UNIQUE!

So we end up with a bra that often oppresses, with shoulder straps that hurt, digging shoulders, with reinforced seams or more or less flexible frames that compress or irritate our skin.

Bras that do not adapt to our changing morphologies (evolutions, health problems, accidents or disabilities, etc …), nor our comfort needs and even less to our aging population, inducing a natural reduction of movements.

Having one breast stronger than the other or being operated is a real worry, even an obsession with a bra that is “symmetrical” and that poisons your life …

Putting on or taking off your bra is not easy for elderly people or anyone with a temporary or permanent disability.

La BraXiere

With BraXiere, each breast or prosthesis is draped independently, each hat crosses in the center and adjusts to the sides of the front, all in X!
Each cup being autonomous, the volume of the breast finds its place, being cut in materials that let the chest adjust more “naturally”.
The chest remains well supported and effortless thanks to the latest generation materials used.
With a very special hook-and-loop fastener on each side, the BraXiere is easy to put on and take off.

No more curls in the back, a dream come true!

In addition, the BraXiere uses innovative materials, which allow to adapt to the natural movements of the body and thus have a support without any metal frame and without any shoulder injuries: the straps are without adjusters and do not slip!

Big Plan Printbra
Xulotte Printed Close-up

La Xulotte

The Xulotte was created as much for its practicality as aesthetic. The
Xulotte is a panty that opens completely,equipped with a self-gripping system that secures the sides, which allows to find another solution to put on or help put on panties in a sitting or elongated position when needed.

Once on, the Xulotte is used as any other panties.

Convenient for all, it will not need to be open generally but it will be a valuable help in case of reduced mobility, accident of life.