How it works ?

BraXiere is an innovation in lingerie. It is a compromise between a bra and a bra.

The BraXiere provides independent support for each breast or prosthesis, it pulls cap by cup, each can decide which breast to drape first.

-First time, tie the band at the level of the underbelly, turn it about 15 cm in order to place it under the right breast.
-Then put your arm in the armhole. Repeat the other side.

The straps are very flexible to avoid shoulder pain but also resilient: they will always return to their original length.


Xulotte Ouverte

For the Xulotte

The Xulotte goes with the BraXiere and has a very beautiful line. She will make you a beautiful leg and her back cut will ensure a maintenance throughout the day: it will stay in place.

-Place Xulotte open on a chair or bed

-Sitting on the cotton gusset, a little towards the front of the Xulotte, to facilitate the hanging.

-Touch a side of back and bring it to the front: position the hook on the velvet, press the hook and loop.

-Then pull the second piece back, bring it to the front, position the hook on the pile and press the hook and loop fastener.

-Close the hook in the center in front.